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Lean Education Implementation

Ideal implementation of the program begins with the executive and senior administration participating in reVIEW© orientation training.

This orientation will provide senior leadership with a deep understanding of the commitment and support required to achieve a successful and sustainable implementation of Lean Healthcare within their organization.

Following the decision to move forward with the full program implementation, reVIEW© training is typically offered in 16-week (2 or 3 days/week) packages that are structured as follows:

  • A first course of 8 weeks is run in which 2 or 3 groups of 16 participants have weekly assignments that apply what they’re learning to some area of their current work. It has been successful in the past to have at least 4 people (managers/educators/staff) from related departments join this course, to insure internal support and the development of a common language between departments.
  • We visit the site 2 or 3 days each week — two hours each day are spent conducting the course and the remaining time is used for one-on-one coaching of participants. This allows the instructor to answer questions, clarify the level of understanding, and assist with assignments.
  • A coaching class is provided in the final week to provide training in coaching techniques to selected participants identified as potential internal coaches.
  • An instructor course is provided to prepare selected staff to co-teach (with a Lean Innovations facilitator) the subsequent courses in weeks 9 through 16. 

Maintenance of Certification
Attendance at this program entitles certified Canadian College of Health Service Executives members (CHE / FCCHSE) to 8 Category II credits  toward their maintenance of certification requirement.

Maintien de la Certification (MDC)
La participation à ce programme compte pour 8 crédits de catégorie II à l'égard de l'exigence du maintien de la certification à laquelle sont soumis les membres agréés (CHE / FCCDSS) du Collège canadien des directeurs de services de santé.