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The reVIEW© Program

The reVIEW© Lean Healthcare education program, developed by Cindy Jimmerson of Lean Healthcare West, introduces participants to the principles of Lean Healthcare, and teaches them the use of two very powerful tools — the Value Stream Map and the A3 Report. As the program is taught, participants practice the skills learned using actual examples from their own work environment. Application of the tools leads to the following outcomes:

  • More defect-free care
  • Reduced waste
  • Improved workplace appreciation

By training participants to be coaches and instructors, we move our clients towards sustainability and independence. We have had enthusiastic and successful response introducing the program in Canadian hospitals and Community Health Services, in both large and small settings.

The reVIEW© program is:

  • Designed to build bridges — participants from different departments collaborate to improve shared work processes
  • Applicable to all staff — it works in both clinical and non-clinical settings, and can be used by anyone at every level of the organization
  • Practical — participants “learn by doing” and during the course make real improvements in their own work

See Lean Education Implementation to learn more about the reVIEW© Program.